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Get that classic, thick, singing 'Les Paul' tone from these T-Top style pickups. Perfect for Hard Rock, Classic Rock and early Heavy Metal. The mid's clean up really well, and provide your instrument with an excellent 'pure' overdrive tone. If you've ever heard a Les Paul "Sound like a Les Paul" (Thick and round)- You'll get where we're coming from.

Features include:

- Handwound coils that are fine-tuned to provide precise, impeccable tone and clarity
- 7.5k (Neck), 7.8k (Bridge) - Medium Output Set
- Both use 'vintage-style' Rough-Cast Alnico 5 magnets
- Using High-Quality Nickel-Silver Baseplates to retain high-end detail and clarity

Also available uncovered for extra 'open' and 'clear' tone, or covered for extra protection from noise/damage. Covers available in Nickel, Chrome, Gold, or Raw Nickel

These are designed these to have an excellent sound in the coil-split mode. If you haven't heard a humbucker in coil-split mode - try it with 4-conductor wiring!


ZR Guitar Pickups

"Historic" 'Rhoads' Humbucker

  • Neck: 7.5k, Alnico 5 magnets

    Bridge: 7.9k, Alnico 5 magnets

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