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With a scatter-wound coil, forbon bobbins and thin 42 AWG wire, you'll get all the classic 'surf rock' tone that players fell in love with in the late 50's and 60's. A pair comes with a RW/RP design, for hum-cancelling in the middle position. If you play surf, rockabilly, reggae or jazz, this pickup will accent your music tastefully. With a bright chime, and wax-potted design, you'll be able to turn your instrument up without worrying about any microphonics whatsoever. The thin 'pancake' design will fill right into your Jazzmaster or Jagmaster. This sound was made famous by artists such as "The Ventures", "The Surfaris" and "The Fireballs" and "Elvis Costello".

Features include:
- 42 AWG Plain Enamel wire, just like the originals
- Alnico 5 magnets, for a smooth response and tamed high's
- 7.5k in the Neck, and 8.5k in the bridge position
- Cloth-Covered wire for vintage-style wiring
- Lightly wax-potted, as per the original design

Bring some new life to your old Jazzmaster, or upgrade your current one with some Vintage-Style pickups

Every pickup is handwound to achieve excellent tonal response and clarity. For domestic orders, please allow 2-3 weeks for the delivery of your handmade design.

Combined shipping available for sets and multiple orders

Sold individually (as priced) or as a matched set ($150).

- Zach
ZR Guitar Pickups

"Vintage-Classic" Jazzmaster P90

Cover Finish
  • Neck: 7.5k, Alnico 5 Magnets
    Bridge: 8.5k, Alnico 5 Magnets

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