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Designed to replace the old humbuckers in your vintage instrument with an added boost from the bridge pickup. The 'Vintage-Classic' Mini Humbucker set provides the cherished rich, snarly tones that have a bit of a bite when you tug on the strings. This set will give you all the classic tones you've heard from players who gained fame in the 60's, 70's and on. Modeled after a set of P.A.F. Mini Humbuckers, if you're after classic tone in a mini design, this is the set for you.

Features include:
- 42 AWG Plain Enamel wire
- Hand-wound bobbins, which allow you to have some of the most sought-after tones right at your fingertips. The dynamic and character that comes from a well-made hand-wound pickup is unparalleled in the day and age of modern machinery.
- Replicating the wind-patterns that were used in the early days at the Gibson factory, you'll find that the Vintage-Classic Mini Humbucker will bring you that 'vintage-sound' that you've been craving, aka the 'brown sound'.
- Using a pair of aged Alnico magnets and all Nickel Silver hardware and baseplates, you're guaranteed to have the highest quality parts in the world, and true humbucking tone. The same materials used by top pickup companies and winders.
- This set has a DCR of 6.0k in the neck, and 7.5k in the bridge, for a smooth, even response between positions.
- Available in multiple finishes, and with braided coaxial wire or 4-conductor wire.

If you've been after some new tones, or find yourself in search of new inspiration, look no further as ZR Guitar Pickups is here to help take your playing to new heights. Custom inquiries are welcome.

- Zach
ZR Guitar Pickups

'Vintage-Classic' 50's Mini Humbucker Replica

Cover Finish
  • Neck: 6.0k, Alnico 2 Magnets
    Bridge: 7.5k, Alnico 2 Magnets

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