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Designed with the modern guitar player in mind, this humbucker will maintain all of the high-end clarity in your sound, as well as provide a fair amount of gain to help drive your amp or modeler. These pickups boast high output, a dynamic character and enough power to push even the quietest amps. With a DCR of 17k in the bridge and 11k in the neck, you'll have plenty of gain for solos and leads.

Features include:
- Extra thin N.O.S. 44 AWG Poly Nylon Wire (helps maintain a full output in such a tight amount of space)
- Bobbins are custom-sized and made here in our shop to our detailed spec's. You won't anything quite like this on the market outside of our shop.
- Handwound coils to maintain the maximum sonic quality and character from your instrument. Hear the nuance of your guitar like never before.
- Using a high quality Alnico 5 magnet for a thick, yet rich sound
- DCR: 11k (Neck), 17k (Bridge)

Upgrade your sound today with a new set of handwound humbuckers, and feel what all the hype is about.

Every pickup is handwound to achieve excellent tonal response and clarity. For domestic orders, please allow at least 2-3 weeks for the delivery of your handmade designs.

Sold individually (as priced) or as a matched pair ($150)
Combined shipping available for sets or multiple orders

- Zach
ZR Guitar Pickups

'Underworld' Hi-Gain Rail Humbucker

Cover Finish
  • Neck: 11k

    Bridge: 17k

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