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A true recreation of a timeless classic. The '54 Stratocaster had a sound that defined the 'Surf', 'British' and 'Blues Rock' music scenes during the widely regarded 'Golden Era' of music, as well as many decades after.  Luscious, 'spanky' and crisp, the 'Handwound Vintage '54' set brings a touch of aged-nostalgia to your tone.  After examining, measuring and repairing many pickups of that time period, we've created these pickups to be extremely accurate and authentic replicas of the originals.


Features include:
- 'Scatterwound' to displace the wire randomly around the coils, just like the originals
- Authentic replicas of an historic model
- All coils wound 'Clockwise' with the 'North Polarity' facing up, unless otherwise noted
- Featuring 6 'beveled' Alnico 3 magnets arranged with a 'Vintage Stagger' (other staggers available by request).
- Wax potted to provide squeal-free playing, and classic 'Fender' Tone.
- Specify either a 'Factory-Standard' set (5.75k DCR on each pickup)
- OR a 'Calibrated' set (5.65k Neck, 5.8k Mid, 5.9k Bridge)

This set also works extremely well for players using a Stratocaster into a Marshall, or a similarly 'Thick' amplifier.


Thanks and enjoy!
- Zach
ZR Guitar Pickups

Replica Handwound '54 Stratocaster Set

Cover Finish
  • Stock Set - 5.65k, All Positions
    Calibrated Set - 5.65k (Neck), 5.8k (Middle), 5.9k (Bridge)

    All sets are RW/RP for noise-cancelling effects when your pickup switch is in positions 2 and 4, and come lightly wax-potted - just like the originals!

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