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Modeled after an original set of Pat. No. Pickups, as pulled from a Gibson SG. 


The "'64 Pat. No." humbucker is tailored for rockers who love to bend. These pickups were modeled to provide as much gut-wrenching soul-sucking character as possible when you go to play your guitar with a high-output amplifier. Perfect for players who like creamy, thick overdriven tones that make your guitar sing, without muddying up your mix.  If you're into Southern Rock, Folk or Classic rock, this is an excellent place to start.


- Available as either a 'Factory Set' - (7.4k on the Neck and 7.6k on the Bridge) OR a 'Calibrated Set' (7.4k in the 'Neck', and 8.2k in the Bridge)
- Available Covered or uncovered. Covers Available in Nickel, Raw Nickel, Smoked Nickel, Chrome, Gold or Black
- Comes Unpotted, just like the originals


Used by players ranging from Dickey Betts to Angus Young to Ed King, the Patent Number pickup - originally released at the Gibson factory in Kalamazoo, Michigan has been heard on over a half a century's worth of timeless classics.

Available individually (as priced) or as a set  ($160)


Happy Picking

- Zach
ZR Guitar Pickups

Replica '64/'65 Pat. No. Style Humbucker

  • Neck - 7.4k, Alnico 5 magnet

    Bridge (Regular) - 7.6k, Alnico 5 magnet

    Bridge (Calibrated) - 8.2k, Alnico 5 magnet

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