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If you haven't heard of Peter Green or his famous 'Reverse-Polarity' sound, definitely check him out! His soulful guitar sound has inspired countless players and hopefully many more to come. The thing about his sound is - it was made entirely by mistake. Somewhere in the factory at Gibson, some employee mistakenly labeled a magnet with the wrong 'polarity', giving that set a slightly thinner, 'Out-of-Phase' sound when the guitar is switched to the 'middle position'. As they say, "The rest is history'.


If you have a guitar that has a nice thick tone naturally, then this set will give you a very wide array of options, from clear, creamy and crisp, to meaty and round. All boasting an impressive character that is missing from standard 'machine-wound' pickups.


These pickups are 'handwound', have a relatively low output (7.2k-Neck, 8.5k-Bridge), and are made with the highest quality Nickel Silver baseplates and Plain Enamel wire. This model, as with the original PAF's, are not wax potted. 


- Zach
ZR Guitar Pickups

Peter Green 'Reverse-Polarity' Humbucker Set

  • Neck: 7.4k -  'Flipped' Long/Polished Alnico 2 Magnet

    Bridge: 8.5k - Rough Cast Alnico 2 Magnet

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