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Great for Rockabilly, Surf, 50's Soul/Motown and even into the realm of punk and glam as well.


- Reading in at 4.4k (Neck) and 4.9k (Bridge), this set delivers a bright, clear, 'airy' and 'twangy' tone.
- The uniquely designed "Double-Stacked" Alnico 5 magnets deliver both power and clarity to your sound.
-Tone made famous by George Harrison, Brian Setzer, Duane Eddy and many more!
- Choose either Bridge or Neck position


These humbuckers will closely match the tone heard on many rockabilly/surf classics of the 50's and 60's. Classic tone, in the classic size, without leaving odd 'gaps' in your guitar - like original Filter'Trons would have. If you're looking to add that 'jangle' to your sound, look no further.


Note: This pickup is a 'Drop-In' replacement for a standard humbucker sized cavity, and will not fit into a standard Gretsch-style guitar. It comes stock wax-potted.


Available with Gold/Chrome/Nickel or Raw Nickel hardware. I can also match these to your spec's as well, just let me know.



- Zach

ZR Guitar Pickups

'Classic' PAF-Sized Filter'Tron

  • Neck: 4.4k - 'Tall' Alnico 5 Magnet

    Bridge: 4.9k - 'Tall' Alnico 5 Magnet

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