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Handcrafted to deliver all the classic 'bark' and 'bite' that a P90s have become known for, but without all the hiss and hum that typically comes with the design of a single coil pickup. Wound to 8k (Neck) and 13.6k (Bridge), the outputs are suitable for any modern musician's setup. Each boasting unprecedented handwound character and nuance, these pickups are the perfect match for any guitarist looking to upgrade the sound of their P90-equipped guitar.


Features include:
- Custom in-house made bobbins
- Custom nickel silver P90 surrounds
- Handwound coils with N.O.S. wire
- Humbucking design to provide a noiseless P90
- Drop-In Replacement for your old single coil P90


Upgrade your sound today! Feel the difference between a typical machine-wound coil, and one that was made by hand and you won't want to go back. Hear what the hype is about.

Each pickup is made-to-order, and is wound to deliver the utmost tonal character and quality. Please allow at least 2-3 weeks for the delivery of your handmade design.


Thanks, and happy picking!
- Zach
ZR Guitar Pickups

"Underworld" P90-Sized Rail Humbucker

Cover Finish
  • Neck: 8k, Ceramic Magnet
    Bridge: 13.6k, Ceramic Magnet

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