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Thick, bold and creamy. Get what you've been craving from your strat all along. With a texture that stands out can be heard through wide range of frequencies, this set is perfect for players who want their guitar to have a rich, controllable sustain.

- Featuring thinner 43 AWG copper wire for extra output and thickness, and handwound to achieve excellent tone. - Wound from 11-13k DCR
- Each model is designed to provide a rich texture and harmonic feel that will inspire you to pick up your guitar
- Reminiscent of tones heard by many modern Strat players who prefer to play with a bit more output than a traditional 50's or 60's strat would have offered. Perfect for blues/funk players who want to be heard and felt.
- Utilizes bobbins that are made with precision, in-house forbon bobbins. Each is hand lacquered and wax-potted to ensure more than a lifetime of love and abuse. They are built like a tank, and will take a beating and then some.

Please specify what color you would like the covers to be.
Each set is made to order, with the current turnaround being about 2-3 weeks.

Happy Picking
- Zach
ZR Guitar Pickups

'Modern-Blues' Handwound Stratocaster Set

Cover Finish
  • Neck: 11k
    Middle: 12k
    Bridge: 13k

    Alnico 5 Magnets

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