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Excellent '58 PAF tone for a reasonable price - that was the goal with the "Historic Series" Pickups. This medium output pickup boast a creamy, rich character that will sing and cry as your playing requires. If you're looking to add Full, Round, Warm tone to your guitar, this is the choice for you. Best suited for people looking to add a bit of midrange without losing the texture of their guitar.


- Wound to a DC Resistance of 7.5k (Neck) and 8.6k (Bridge)
- Using 'vintage-correct' Short, rough-cast Alnico 3 Magnets
- Great for Blues Rock, Soul, Jazz, etc.
- Modeled after an early Gibson P.A.F. pickup.
- Mounted on a Nickel-Silver baseplate for pure tone


These recreations are crafted to bring out the classic PAF character that is associated with the famed 'Korina Flying V', such as the ones used by players such as Peter Frampton, Rick Nielson, Albert King, Eric Clapton and so many more.


Each pickup is meticulously detailed to be a near exact replica of a true PAF. From winding method, to wire choice, to adjustment screw alloys. These all have an impact on tone, and help to create that classic sound people have fallen in love with over the years. Each pickup uses the highest quality materials available, with Nickel-Silver Baseplates and covers.


- Zach

"Historic Series" - '58 'Korina'PAF Humbucker

  • Neck: 7.5k, Alnico 3, Rough-Cast Magnet

    Bridge: 8.6k, Alnico 3, Rough-Cast Magnet

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