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Bring the famous raw 'Bark' and 'Bite' tone to your guitar with the 'Overwound' P90 pickups - modeled after a 50's Gibson P90 that was left on the machine a little longer - resulting in the classic tone.


Listen to the first albums by Santana, Black Sabbath and The Doors (all self-titled) or 'Tommy' by The Who and you'll get a sense of the character that these pickups have to offer. Great for your lighter Sg and Les Paul guitars that have inserts for P90's


- Featuring 'Hand-Wound' Coils that recreate the patterns of classic pickups, with the additional upgrade of a 'calibrated' bridge pickup!
- Neck: 8.0k (A5 Magnets), Bridge: 11.5k (A5 Magnets)
- Wound with same guage/type of wire as used on the original Gibson P90's
- Specify either Black or Cream Covers, Dogear OR Soapbar Style
- Using Nickel-Plated Steel Screws for adjustable tone across each string
- All pickups made with "Nickel-Silver" baseplates for pure-tone (vintage-style Brass baseplates available by request, for extra punchy tone)
- Each pickup comes with a signed 'Spec Sheet' and unique serial number


Dogear or Soapbar style, Neck or Bridge, and any other details you'd like to include.


All ZR Pickups are meticulously fine-tuned to provide excellent tone. Each design is crafted to achieve the ultimate in tone for its purpose.  Please allow for around 2-3 weeks while getting your pickups dialed-in for you.


- Zach
ZR Guitar Pickups

"Historic" 'Overwound' Dogear/Soapbar P90 ('Hot' Output)

Cover Finish
Hardware Finish
  • Neck: 8.0k, Alnico 5 magnets

    Bridge: 11.5k, Alnico 5 magnets

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