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The Fender Telecaster went through many changes during the 50's. One of the main components to the difference in tones between models was the types of pickups they used, and the size magnets that they used in them.

Featuring Handwound coils, just like the originals.
Both use Vintage-Correct 'Plain Enamel' wire, to recreate the classic 'twangy' tone
Utilizing small Alnico 'Rod' magnets, and a flat stagger, these pickups authentically recreate the build-process of the original 'Mid 1954 Telecaster Pickups
- Also available with raised D and G magnets for the 'Late '54-Style design
- Specify either vintage-correct wiring, OR RWRP wiring, for 'noise-cancelling' in the middle position
- Neck: (7.4k) - Alnico 5 'Rod' Magnets
- Bridge: (6.96k) - Alnico 5 'Rod' Magnets - Copper Baseplate
- Lacquer Coated to prevent corrosion and 'warping' over time
- Wax-Potted to provide 'squeel-free' tone, no matter what volume you play at
- Both coils are fine-tuned to provide excellent tone in your instrument.

These coils are built like tanks and should last you a lifetime.
Please let me know if there are any other parameters you would like changed (staggered magnets, different grade alnico, etc.)

Please allow 2-3 weeks for the delivery of your handwound pickups

- Zach
ZR Guitar Pickups

"Historic" Mid '54 Telecaster Set

  • Neck: 7.4k, Alnico 5 Magnets

    Bridge: 6.96k, Alnico 5 Magnets

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