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Clear, 'open', 'handwound' tone, reminiscent of 50's Jazz and early Rock 'n' Roll. Modeled after a '51 Gibson ES-125 P90.


- Featuring a 'Scatter-Wound' Coil for vintage-correct tone
- (Specify either) Neck: 6.8k (A3 Magnets), Bridge: 7.4k (A3 Magnets)
- Wound with same guage/type of wire as used on the original Gibson P90's
- Available with Black or Cream Covers, Dogear OR Soapbar Style
- Using either Raw-Nickel or Regular Nickel Screws for adjustable tone across each string (specify via message)
- All pickups made with "Nickel-Silver" baseplates for pure-tone (vintage-style Brass baseplates available by request, for extra bass/punchier tone)
- Each pickup comes with a signed 'Spec Sheet' and unique serial number


Please specify via message whether you'd like Neck or Bridge, Dogear or Soapbar, and Cream or Black covers, as well as the Hardware color (Nickel, Gold, Raw Nickel, etc.)


Every pickup is handwound and meticulously fine-tuned to provide excellent tone. Please allow 2-3 weeks to get these dialed in to suit your needs.

- Zach
ZR Guitar Pickups 

"Historic" 'ES-Style' Jazz Dogear/Soapbar P90 (Low Output)

Cover Finish
Hardware Finish
  • Neck: 6.8k, Alnico 3 magnets

    Bridge: 7.4k, Alnico 3 magnets

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