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Thick, creamy, howling lead tones that are perfect for blues, rock, hard rock and more. The '59 PAF will give your marshall all the singing sustain without muddying up the mix. Sold individually or as a set.


- Neck: 7.9k, Bridge: 9.2k
- Featuring a "Long-Bar" Alnico 5 magnet for a 'Hot' tone, just like a small amount of the originals (also available with Alnico 4 magnets, for a bit less midrange and bass)
- Nickel Silver Baseplate
- Made with 49.2mm bobbins, just like the originals (also available with 'Modern Spacing: 50mm Neck, 53mm Bridge)
- Experience the feeling and character of a 'handwound' pickup.


Don't spend thousands of dollars on a potentially mediocre sounding pickup. These sets are meticulously fine-tuned to provide excellent tone, dynamic response, and reliability.


Each pickup comes with a unique serial number and 'Spec. Sheet', so I can always recreate your pickups, exactly as they were sent out.


Every design is hand-crafted to provide the ultimate in tone for its purpose. Please allow 2-3 weeks to get these dialed in to suit your needs.


Sold individually (as priced) or as a set

- Zach
ZR Guitar Pickups

Historic" '59 'Hot' PAF (Long Magnet)

  • Neck: 7.9k, Alnico 5 magnet

    Bridge: 8.9k, Alnico 5 magnet

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