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Imagine going back in time to 1959 and hand selecting the best pickups from the best brands, and putting them all together into one calibrated set, with superior tone in every position - That is the thinking behind the 'Vintage Classic' H-S-S Strat set.

By adding our hand-selected, 'Scatterwound' H-S-S Strat Set, this set will provide an instant upgrade to your tone. Ranging from Sweet, Singing sustain in the neck position, to Noiseless, Rich, Snarly Mojo in the bridge, with everything in between.

- Featuring 2 'Scatterwound' Single coil pickups in the neck and middle, and 1 noise-cancelling humbucker in the bridge position.
- Each Single coil is wound to authentically recreate the feel, texture, and look of an original pair of Fender pickups from the 1950's. They are then hand selected out of a bunch for their superior tone. The best are sold, while the others are either modified or discarded.
- The Bridge position Humbucker is a custom designed P.A.F., modeled to allow a strat player to get a bit of extra output out of their instruments, while eliminating the hiss from their guitars, and provide as much tweakability as possible.
- Wound to a DCR of 5.85k in the Neck, 6.0k in the middle, and 8.5k in the bridge

- Humbucker Color options - Comes with white bobbins - available in Black, Zebra(Black and Cream), or True-Zebra (Black and White)

Thanks for reading,
Happy Picking
- Zach
ZR Guitar Pickups

Custom Shop - 'Vintage Classic' H-S-S Strat Set (Scatterwound)

Strat Covers
  • Neck - 5.85k, Alnico 5 Magnets, 'Vintage-Stagger'

    Middle - 6.0k, Alnico 5 Magnets, 'Vintage-Stagger'

    Bridge - 8.5k, Alnico 2 Magnet, Long/Polished

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