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For a bold low-end that rumbles your walls and will make your windows shake, and a distinct high-end that will make your distorted tones shine. The modern Z-Top set was designed for players of modern metal, and those who prefer thicker tones in their guitar. Best suited for lighter/thinner guitars, this set will bring the extra output and gain you've been craving, without having to turn the amp to 11.

Features include:
- Standard humbucking output with the option for 'coil-splitting' when combined with a push/pull pot
- Medium-High output for a rich snarl and natural low-end body and warmth
- Singing lead tones and crunchy rhythms when use with an overdrive/distortion pedal
- 7.9k in the Neck, and 13.3k in the bridge
- A unique blend of magnets that enable extra output, while retaining the high-end clarity.
- Handwound coils for extra depth and frequency response
- Wax-Potted for completely squeal-free performance that will last a lifetime of abuse.
- Nickel-Silver hardware for a tone that still feels natural to your guitar

- Zach
ZR Guitar Pickups

Custom Shop - 'Modern' Z-Top Humbucker

  • Neck: 7.9k, Alnico 8 Magnet

    Bridge: 13.3k, Alnico 8 Magnet

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