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A single pickup with two humbucker coils, each professionally and caringly handwound with N.O.S. 44AWG PolyUrethane wire, thick alnico magnets, and lots of steel for a truely authentic, vintage 'Jangly' tone.


- Handwound for exceptional dynamic response and tone

- Features a lower output than the 'Classic' Filter'Tron set, and N.O.S. wire
- Featuring 1/4" thick Alnico 4 Bar magnets for extra output and clarity
- Classic Gretsch style cover, in a 'drop-in' humbucker size. Perfect for a Semi-Hollow Body, LP, SG or similar style instrument
- Wound loosely for an impeccably responsive feel.

Available with the following options:

- Either 5.0k for Neck/Middle positions, or 6.0k for bridge
- Available with either Chrome, Nickel, Unplated Nickel, or Gold Finishes, or uncovered bobbins, in Black, Zebra or Reverse-Zebra
- Available with 'Braided-Coaxial' wire, 2-Conductor, or 4-conductor shielded wire

- Available either potted, or unpotted

- Zach
ZR Guitar Pickups

Custom Shop - 'Jangly' Humbucker-Sized Filter'Tron (Handwound)

  • Neck: 5.0k - 'Tall' Alnico 4 Magnet

    Bridge: 6.0k - 'Tall' Alnico 4 Magnet

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