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Perfect for people looking to provide full tone while keeping every nuance of integrity in their clean tone. If you're a player that needs a vast array of sounds to get the job done, live, in the studio or elsewhere, this set will sound great no matter what you throw at em.

- Wound to a medium-low output for clarity/definition
- Pushed with an Alnico 8 Magnet to provide full power, and excellent tone
- Handwound for better frequency response and fuller output
- Specify either Neck (7.8k) Bridge (9.4k), or both
- Wax Potted for squeel-free performance in hi-gain environments

Every pickup is meticulously crafted to provide excellent tone to the player. Every model is made to order, and can be further fine-tuned to adjust to a players particular needs. Please allow for around 2-3 weeks while getting your pickups fine-tuned for you.


Happy Picking,

- Zach

ZR Guitar Pickups

Custom Shop 'Hi-Gain Z-Top' Handwound Humbucker

  • Neck: 7.8k, Alnico 8 Bar Magnet

    Bridge: 9.4k, Alnico 8 Bar Magnet

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