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If 'evil' is your thing, this is the humbucker for you. Designed with metalheads and soloists in mind, this pickup will give you and your instrument unrivaled sound quality of that only a handwound pickup can offer.

The Evil Genius humbucker is designed to feed you and your instrument all the gain you need to push your gear to the next level - All while maintaining a clear, crisp hi-end detail that is not overbearing.
This set provides a bellowing, dynamic, and punchy bass that will not sound muddy, or excessively gritty.

- Handwound to provide excellent 'full-spectrum' tone
- Utilitizing a Ceramic magnet for extra 'punch'
- Specify either Neck (13.3k) or Bridge (14.4k), or both
- Comes with Black cover and gold hardware - specify if you'd like something different
- Wax-potted to provide squeel-free tone in any playing environment.

Replace your stock pickups and get your 'Evil Genius' Humbucker today to add extra character/dimension to your playing!

Every pickup is meticulously crafted to provide excellent tone to the player. Every model is made to order, and can be further fine-tuned to adjust to a players particular needs. Please allow for around 2-3 weeks while getting your pickups fine-tuned for you.

Thanks for reading!
Happy Picking
- Zach
ZR Guitar Pickups

Custom Shop 'Evil Genius' Humbucker

  • Neck: 13.3k, Ceramic Magnets

    Bridge: 14.4k, Ceramic Magnets

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