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Designed to provide thick, creamy, singing lead tones from your guitar, and calibrated output between positions. Featuring Medium-Output, 'Handwound' coils, and Nickel-Silver baseplates for the ultimate in tonal clarity and response.

- Utilizing brand new 'High-Output' Alnico Magnets for modern clarity
- Neck: (7.4k), Alnico 6 Magnet (Specify which position you'd like before order)
- Bridge: 9.2k Alnico 6 Magnet
- Baseplate/Cover made from high-quality Nickel-Silver for 'pure' high-end clarity
- Wax-Potted for squeel-free performance in Hi-Gain settings
- Handwound in the USA
- Includes a signed 'Spec' Sheet' and a unique serial number

Perfect for lead players looking to add an extra punch to their sound.

Every pickup is meticulously crafted to provide excellent tone to the player. Every model is made to order, and can be further fine-tuned to adjust to a players particular needs. Please allow for around 2-3 weeks while getting your pickups fine-tuned for you.

Custom Shop 'Creamy' Alnico 6 Humbucker (Handwound)

PriceFrom $90.00
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Neck: 7.4k

    Bridge: 9.2k

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