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Featuring hand-crafted, custom-sized 'tall' bobbins, these "P90-Buckers" accurately capture the warm 'bite' and 'bark' that people seek from the original P90's.


- Voiced to have a clear, 'open' tone to them, full of 'vintage-flavor'
- Features handcrafted, uniquely-voiced fiberboard bobbins for true P90 tone
- Neck (50mm): 7.47k, Alnico 4 Magnets
- Bridge (50mm): 8.05, Alnico 4/5 Magnets
- Both use Nickel Silver Baseplates
- Custom Spec's welcome


 When blended with a semi-hollow body guitar, these handwound pickups are capable of bringing out the endless sustain that will make you drop to the floor. This set is voiced to have a nice, clear tone to them, with a bit of 'snarl' when pushed.


Specify between 'Open-style Covers (Shown) or 'PAF-Style' closed covers


Sold individually or as a calibrated set


- Zach
ZR Guitar Pickups

'Classic Vintage' P90-Bucker

PriceFrom $90.00
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Neck: 7.47k, Alnico 4 Magnets

    Bridge: 8.0k, Alnico 4 Magnets

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